Choose a Bounce House For the Ultimate Party!

Bounce House

bounce houseWant to see an ear to ear grin on your child’s face? Choose a Bounce House for his birthday or any other happy occasion. Think of it! The kids will all be contained in the bounce house while they’re expending that pent-up energy and having loads of fun.

Bounce houses aren’t just for kids though – teens and adults love them to. Whatever the event,  bounce house rentals will turn into the perfect party zone, providing entertainment as well as great exercise.

There are so many sizes and styles of bounce house rentals that it might be hard to choose. Many feature themes such as castles, clowns, hot air balloons and water slides – perfect for theme parties. These inflatable bounce houses are quick and easy to put up and take down and can be chosen to fit almost any space you choose.

Why Choose a Bounce House?

bounce houseWhen you choose a bounce house rental, you’re bringing an incredible amount of excitement and energy to an event. Party goers will flock to these brightly colored inflatable bouncers and spend hours literally “bouncing off the walls.”

The popularity of inflatable bounce house rentals has soared in the past few years and you’ll have the advantage of choosing from many reputable Baton Rouge bounce house rental companies. The reason for this popularity surge is simply because they’re fun and easy.

The bounce house rental company will take care of the set up and take down chores of the bouncy house and then, all you have to do is watch everyone have a blast. You won’t have to bother with corralling the kids to sit down and watch a clown tie balloons or figure out games to play.

A bouncy house just naturally attracts everyone into its cool environment. Many inflatable bouncer rentals offer bouncy houses that are perfect for a theme party. Some that you can choose from are:

• Castles
• Race Cars
• Clowns
• Hot Air Balloons

Having a summer party? You might prefer to choose from one of the many water slides offered by bounce house rentals. All of these choices are colorful and are sure to delight party-goers.

How to Choose a Bounce House Rental Company

bouncy water slideIf you’re considering a bounce house rental for your event, look no further than local Baton Rouge online sites. As with everything, the quality and customer service of these bounce houses are going to vary from company to company, so be sure you’re choosing based on reputation and not just price.

A bounce house rental is a great choice because it fits almost every budget. You don’t have to think about other ways to entertain because the bounce house will ensure an unforgettable party or event.

Before you choose an inflatable bounce house rental company, keep a few things in mind:

• Safety – Statistically, bounce houses are a safe form of entertainment, but you should be aware of whether or not the bouncy house has sealed, protection netting surrounding the house.

Safety features should also include pegs or other means to keep the bounce house from tipping over. Also, check the weight limitations. Although weight isn’t usually an issue in most bouncy houses, be sure the one you choose is capable of handling the weight of kids or adults, depending on the event.

It’s best not to overcrowd the bounce house for obvious safety reasons. Check with the rental company for an idea of the capacity for the inflatable bounce house rental you choose.

• Price – You can compare prices online of inflatable bouncers rentals and choose one that fits your budget. Don’t necessarily shop for the cheapest price for a bounce house rental – you might be disappointed in the quality of the equipment.

Reputable bounce house rentals will deliver on time, provide quality equipment that meets safety standards and that have liability insurance. When they deliver they’ll go over the safety features and answer any questions you might have.

• Cleanliness – A bounce house rental should be delivered in a spotlessly clean condition. Vinyl tends to develop rancid odors when not cleaned properly and after every use. If you find that the bouncy house you chose is dirty or smelly, ask for it to be cleaned or removed.

You shouldn’t incur a delivery charge or lose a deposit if you’re not happy with the product.

bounce houseJust remember to choose from local Baton Rouge bounce house rentals that have good reputations. Get a recommendation if you can, or browse online and contact or call the company to ask questions. It’s best to pay a little more and know that you’re getting quality, safety and cleanliness and that you or your party-goers won’t be disappointed.

Bounce house rentals are the ultimate excitement and fun for kids’ parties, but you can also choose a bouncy house for any event, including fund raisers, school field trips, team parties, picnics, family reunions and church or club events.

Do your local online research before choosing the best inflatable bounce house for your big event and rest assured that it will be a decision that will create a memorable and exciting time – for very little effort.

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