Choose a Bounce House For the Ultimate Party!

Bounce House

bounce houseWant to see an ear to ear grin on your child’s face? Choose a Bounce House for his birthday or any other happy occasion. Think of it! The kids will all be contained in the bounce house while they’re expending that pent-up energy and having loads of fun.

Bounce houses aren’t just for kids though – teens and adults love them to. Whatever the event,  bounce house rentals will turn into the perfect party zone, providing entertainment as well as great exercise.

There are so many sizes and styles of bounce house rentals that it might be hard to choose. Many feature themes such as castles, clowns, hot air balloons and water slides – perfect for theme parties. These inflatable bounce houses are quick and easy to put up and take down and can be chosen to fit almost any space you choose.

Why Choose a Bounce House?

bounce houseWhen you choose a bounce house rental, you’re bringing an incredible amount of excitement and energy to an event. Party goers will flock to these brightly colored inflatable bouncers and spend hours literally “bouncing off the walls.”

The popularity of inflatable bounce house rentals has soared in the past few years and you’ll have the advantage of choosing from many reputable Baton Rouge bounce house rental companies. The reason for this popularity surge is simply because they’re fun and easy.

The bounce house rental company will take care of the set up and take down chores of the bouncy house and then, all you have to do is watch everyone have a blast. You won’t have to bother with corralling the kids to sit down and watch a clown tie balloons or figure out games to play.

A bouncy house just naturally attracts everyone into its cool environment. Many inflatable bouncer rentals offer bouncy houses that are perfect for a theme party. Some that you can choose from are:

• Castles
• Race Cars
• Clowns
• Hot Air Balloons

Having a summer party? You might prefer to choose from one of the many water slides offered by bounce house rentals. All of these choices are colorful and are sure to delight party-goers.

How to Choose a Bounce House Rental Company

bouncy water slideIf you’re considering a bounce house rental for your event, look no further than local Baton Rouge online sites. As with everything, the quality and customer service of these bounce houses are going to vary from company to company, so be sure you’re choosing based on reputation and not just price.

A bounce house rental is a great choice because it fits almost every budget. You don’t have to think about other ways to entertain because the bounce house will ensure an unforgettable party or event.

Before you choose an inflatable bounce house rental company, keep a few things in mind:

• Safety – Statistically, bounce houses are a safe form of entertainment, but you should be aware of whether or not the bouncy house has sealed, protection netting surrounding the house.

Safety features should also include pegs or other means to keep the bounce house from tipping over. Also, check the weight limitations. Although weight isn’t usually an issue in most bouncy houses, be sure the one you choose is capable of handling the weight of kids or adults, depending on the event.

It’s best not to overcrowd the bounce house for obvious safety reasons. Check with the rental company for an idea of the capacity for the inflatable bounce house rental you choose.

• Price – You can compare prices online of inflatable bouncers rentals and choose one that fits your budget. Don’t necessarily shop for the cheapest price for a bounce house rental – you might be disappointed in the quality of the equipment.

Reputable bounce house rentals will deliver on time, provide quality equipment that meets safety standards and that have liability insurance. When they deliver they’ll go over the safety features and answer any questions you might have.

• Cleanliness – A bounce house rental should be delivered in a spotlessly clean condition. Vinyl tends to develop rancid odors when not cleaned properly and after every use. If you find that the bouncy house you chose is dirty or smelly, ask for it to be cleaned or removed.

You shouldn’t incur a delivery charge or lose a deposit if you’re not happy with the product.

bounce houseJust remember to choose from local Baton Rouge bounce house rentals that have good reputations. Get a recommendation if you can, or browse online and contact or call the company to ask questions. It’s best to pay a little more and know that you’re getting quality, safety and cleanliness and that you or your party-goers won’t be disappointed.

Bounce house rentals are the ultimate excitement and fun for kids’ parties, but you can also choose a bouncy house for any event, including fund raisers, school field trips, team parties, picnics, family reunions and church or club events.

Do your local online research before choosing the best inflatable bounce house for your big event and rest assured that it will be a decision that will create a memorable and exciting time – for very little effort.

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Inflatable Bouncers Can Rock Your Next Event!

Inflatable Bouncers

bouncy water slideInflatable bouncers are the new “must haves” in event planning. Not only do they delight everyone who attends the event, but they also spur along getting acquainted and releasing energy or frustrations.

Baton Rouge businesses are finding that inflatable bouncers rentals are perfect for their corporate get-togethers. After grueling meetings all day, what could be better than having pent up anxiety melt away in an inflatable bouncer where everyone is having fun?

If you’re planning to have an inflatable bouncer at your next adult event, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Number one is the amount of room in the bouncer. Inflatable bouncers come in all shapes and sizes, so you should find one that exactly fits your needs.

Also, be sure that the inflatable bouncer is strong enough for adult weight. It’s one thing to have a bunch of kids in the bouncy house – and quite another to have a few adults all bouncing off the walls together.

There are commercial grades of inflatable bouncers, and you should talk to the Baton Rouge bounce house rental company to be sure that’s what you’re getting. Safety is certainly an issue when you’re considering inflatable bouncers rentals.

To be sure that no one gets hurt or punctures the bounce house, have your guests remove all sharp objects, such as belts and pins, from their clothing. Rings, watches and other jewelry should also be removed and stored in a safe place before allowing your guests to enter the bounce house.

Summer time is a great time to rent an inflatable bouncer for your back yard or other place you want to have water involved in the party. There are inflatable water slides and slip and slides that will keep your partying guests cool and happy.

There are games you can play with a water-oriented inflatable bouncer that are both challenging and fun. Inflatable bouncers that use water will keep your guests occupied and happy for hours and can offer all sorts of fun activities.

slip and slide bouncy houseSome inflatable bouncers rentals offer combinations of bouncy houses. For example, you could have both a bouncy house and a slip and slide bouncy house for the same party. It’s a fun way to work off excess energy and then get cool and wet.

States differ in requirements for inflatable bouncers, but you should have a list of questions to ask inflatable bouncers rental companies before you commit to one. Any good rental company should be more than willing to readily answer all your questions and provide literature.

There’s no end to the designs, styles and themes of inflatable bouncers. Some even offer interactive features such as climbing walls and basketball hoops. You can learn about the various types and prices of combination inflatable bouncers by browsing online for inflatable bouncers rentals in Baton Rouge.

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An Inflatable Bounce House is a Fun Time!

Inflatable Bounce House


inflatable bounce house slideSmiles and giggles are sure to abound when you choose an inflatable bounce house for a party or other event such as a reunion, back yard party or just for fun. A colorful bouncy house awaiting party-goers is a great way to invite them in for one of the most fun times you can possibly provide.

Imagine your child’s excitement when he sees his own inflatable bounce house up and running for a big event such as a birthday party. He’ll immediately think of how much fun he and his friends are going to have when they arrive and begin to celebrate his birthday in style. Kids will flock to the house and likely have to be dragged out because they’re having so much fun bouncing off the walls.

Any type of party entertainment that grabs children’s attention for awhile can be considered a success. A party that features an inflatable bounce house rental will be considered a monumental success because it captures party-goers’ attention for hours.

When you choose a reputable Baton Rouge inflatable bounce house rental company, the customer service will be superb and they’ll take care of all the chores involved in putting up and taking down the unit. You don’t really have to do a thing except provide refreshments (if you can get them out of the bouncy house).

Small children will love the colors of the bounce houses and the themes that are offered by local Baton Rouge bounce house rental companies. Teenagers and adults will love the neon party atmosphere and the fact that shyness just seems to evaporate when you start jumping up and down.

A bounce house rental is the ultimate choice to ensure that your party is well-attended and that everyone will have fun. But, another reason also include the fact that the kids will be safely contained within the inflatable bounce house and not scattered throughout the park, yard or house.

Inflatable bounce house rentals have popped up all over the country, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find great one in the Baton Rouge area. A quick online search will reveal many areas and various types and themes from which to choose. It’s so much fun browsing and selecting just the right one for your party or event.

Planning a summer party? If you don’t have the luxury of having a back yard swimming pool, you can still cool off the party-goers and have the time of your life with one of the many inflatable bounce house water slides or slip and slide units.

And don’t think that an inflatable bounce house is only for kids – adults love them too. It’s like being a kid again and jumping on beds and sofas – only this time you won’t get in trouble.

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How to Choose a Bouncy House for Your Party

Bouncy House

bouncy houseToday’s choices for bouncy house rentals in Baton Rouge give you so many options and themes from which to choose. But, before you sign a contract to rent a bouncy house, you should know a few things about them that could make a difference in your party or event being a success – or a failure.

Some features that should always be included in bouncy houses are necessary for the safety of those you invite to the event. Other issues include quality of the unit and special additions to the bouncy house that will ensure the bouncer can accommodate everyone at the party.

Bouncy house rentals should be prepared and willing to answer all of your questions about their rentals and also offer a guarantee of satisfaction. Before you browse bouncy house rentals online or in the Baton Rouge area, keep the following issues in mind:

Capacity – The capacity factor is very important to consider before renting an inflatable bouncy house. The rental company should be able to advise you about the size you’ll need to accommodate your guests. It’s best to go with the recommended size rather than save money by renting a smaller one to ensure the safety of the “bouncers” and to avoid the frustration of being too crowded.

Cleanliness – If bouncy houses aren’t kept immaculately clean from dirt and mold, they develop musty and rancid odors. Ask the Baton Rouge bouncy house rentals company that you’re considering about how they clean their units. It should be cleaned after each use and before storage.

Safety – The safety of those you invite to a party should always be foremost in your mind. The rental company should carefully go over the safety rules with you.

Safety features should include proper inflation and some method of securing the bouncy house to the ground so that it won’t blow over or tilt if the kids all jump on one side. Sand bags and weights are often used to keep the unit even.

Also, make sure that insurance is provided with the bouncy house rental. If the bouncy house rental company doesn’t offer you a copy, ask for it and read it before you commit to the rental.

Flaws – After the bouncy house is inflated and before the delivery professionals leave, be sure to check for air leaks and other flaws such as insecure tie-downs that can ruin your party before it even gets started.

Bouncy houses are fun and exciting ways to plan your next event. It’s sure to be the focus of all the partiers and will provide many hours of play. It’s also a way to create memories that will last forever, both for the party giver and the party goers.

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Comparison Shopping for Bounce Houses

Bounce Houses


bouncy water slideThinking about bounce houses for your next event? There are ways to comparison shop online that will ensure you get what you’re paying for and that all bases (safety, cleanliness and durability) will be addressed.

Here are some “dos” and “don’ts” to consider before you browse through the Baton Rouge bounce house rental companies:

Don’t – Rely on the bottom-line price to be your main guide for the bounce house you choose. If you do, you could be very sorry. Comparing bounce houses should depend upon several factors, and price isn’t one of them unless you want to risk being disappointed.

Do – Ask about insurance. It’s absolutely necessary for a prospective bounce house rental company to be insured. The insurance should cover liability in case of an unforeseen accident where the fault lies with the company and not from ignoring the safety rules.

If someone is injured while the bounce house is operating during your rental time, the bounce house rental company’s insurance won’t typically cover minor injuries, but it does show that the rental company has thought about safety issues. Some states require insurance from bounce house companies, but they should have insurance in any case.

Do – Educate yourself about how the bounce houses should be inflated and set up before the event. The bounce house rental company should present detailed facts about how they set it up and what they do to ensure safety.

For example, a tarp should be spread on the ground to protect the bottom of the bouncy house and then staked or weighed down with sand bags or other types of weights so that it doesn’t wobble or tilt over.

Don’t – Forget to thoroughly examine bounce houses before the delivery people leave the premises. The bounce house should be fully inflated and there should be no tears in the material. Look closely at the seams as this is where rips frequently appear.

Don’t – Let the delivery people leave without going over all safety and operating methods with you. He should also leave instructions if you haven’t already received them from the bounce house rental company. Be sure that you understand all aspects of its operation in case something goes wrong.

Do – Feel free to ask questions about anything you don’t understand or have concerns about. Reputable bounce house rentals should be happy to answer all your questions.

After the bounce house rental delivery people leave, you’re pretty much on your own. You or someone else should keep an eye on the unit during the time it’s in your possession to ensure that no one becomes injured.

Follow all the rules and bounce houses will provide all the fun and excitement that your event and your guests deserve.

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Affordable Bounce House Rentals for Your Party

Bounce House Rentals


bounce houseAre your kids constantly jumping on beds, sofas and whatever else makes a great bouncy toy? Most kids love bouncing and jumping, and if that describes your kids, consider a bounce house rental for a party or any other event.

You can search online for a bounce house rental by size, theme and/or price. Just be sure to find a reputable company and that the equipment they bring is clean and safe for kids or adults. Some bounce house rental companies require that you put down a deposit, but you should ask about a refund if the bouncy house is dirty, unsafe or smelly.

Some bounce house rental companies may rent their equipment cheaply, but fall way short on the cleanliness and smelly issues. Consider what your requirements are before you browse through online bounce house rentals and get it in writing before you commit.

You’ll also want to verify that the bounce house rental you choose will hold the number of kids (or adults) who are attending the party. Weight might also be an issue, so be sure to ask what the limits are.

If you’re planning a theme party for your big event, a Baton Rouge bounce house rental company will probably be able to grant your wish. There are castle, dragon, hot air balloon and many other bounce house themes from which you can choose. Water slides and combinations of bouncy houses and water slides are usually offered by bounce house rental companies.

Kids aren’t the only ones who enjoy bouncy houses. A bounce house rental is a perfect choice for events for adults too. Family reunions, business parties, fund raisers, church events and open houses are all occasions where bounce house rentals would provide fun for everyone.

Many bounce house rental companies offer “one stop shopping” for your party needs. Tables and chairs, popcorn, snow cone or cotton candy machines, tents and other items could possibly all be rented at the same place to save you the time and energy of running from one place to another.

If you have time, it’s wise to check out the reputation of the bounce house rental company you’re planning to use. Your child may have attended a bouncy house party where the kids had a great time and the parents could give you a recommendation or a “thumbs down.”

Kids will beg to go to any bouncy house party they’re invited to because they know it will be a time when they can jump to their heart’s content without being told to stop or get off the furniture or beds. When you choose a Baton Rouge bounce house rental for your child’s party, you can be assured of an exciting and fun time where the kids have a blast.

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